Now in BETA – Scheduling Vinyl Flattening Time From Your Phone

Now in BETA – Scheduling Vinyl Flattening Time From Your Phone

You’ve asked for the ability to automatically turn off the Record Pi flattener at the end of your bake time. We are happy to announce that this capability is now available in BETA within the mobile app for Record Pi owners.

Once you’ve determined the target flattening temperature and time duration of your bake session, take the below steps to set up your Record Pi to automatically power down at the end of the bake session.

Please note that this feature requires a continuous WiFi connection to function. Before using the scheduling feature be sure your Record Pi is properly connected to your WiFi network, your network is stable, and you are able to remotely manage the temperature controller from your phone (test powering off and on from the app). While the feature remains in BETA, be sure to set a back-up alarm on your phone to remind you to confirm the unit has successfully powered off at the desired time.


  1. At the start of your flattening session with the Record Pi powered on, from the main Record Pi menu in the mobile app, tap Back arrow (upper left)
  2. Tap “Scene” (bottom navigation) then tap “Create Scene” button
  3. Tap “Schedule,” select your desired end time for the bake session based on your intended duration, and tap “Next” (upper right)
  4. Tap “+” within the “Then” section (do NOT tap “+” in the “If” section)
  5. Tap “Run the Device”, then “Record Pi”
  6. Tap “Switch All,” then “Switch Off,” then “Save”
  7. Tap “Next” (upper right) and tap the “Save” button, then "Yes"

Your Record Pi temperature controller will now power down at the time you selected to cool down.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions. We welcome feedback on this BETA.

Happy Flattening,

The Record Pi Team

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