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Will it fix every warped record?

Every record and warp is unique. Unfortunately some warped records are beyond repair. The goal of the Record Pi is to achieve a record that is cleanly playable, not perfect flatness.

How long will it take?

It depends on the vinyl and the damage. Some record warps are fixed after a short 2 hour heating cycle. Others may take multiple cycles of increasing duration.

What are the chances it will damage my record?

The risk is low. Follow the instructions that come with the Record Pi and use our recommended temperature settings, and the risk of damage is minimal.

Does it work on 45's?

Yes, it works on all vinyl record sizes (7", 10", 12"). 3 sets of different fabric spacers are included for all sizes and warp types.

What are the fabric spacers for?

The Record Pi system comes with three sets of fabric spacers. The spacers sandwich the warped vinyl to protect the record surface during flattening. The large spacer with a single small hole in the center is used for most warped 33's. The large spacer with a wide central hole is used for dished 33's. The small spacer is used for 45's.

What type of WiFi network do I need?

The Record Pi requires a 2.4 Ghz Wifi network (most common type) to successfully connect to the internet.

What type of mobile device do I need?

Apple iPhones/iPads (iOS) and Android (Google) phones/tablets with internet connection are supported. If you have a device older than 5 years the app may run slowly. You must also have access to the Google Play or Apple app store.

Will it work outside the US?

Yes in most cases, but will require a 220V/110V stepdown voltage converter that can handle a minimum of 50 Watts at 110V. The Record Pi has a 110V plug for the US.

Will my record be ruined if something malfunctions?

The Record Pi temperature controller has smart overload protection to automatically power down in the event of any abnormal draw of heating power. Just don't set your target temperature above what's recommended in the instructions. An alarm will also sound if the temperature exceeds a preconfigured limit.